Eibach Jeep Off-Road Suspension

For an average car driver, the suspension doesn’t mean a lot. A decent balance between comfort and handling is something that meets demands of ordinary men. On the other side, there is Eibach, a company that was founded because of that small percent of people who want to get a maximum from their cars. Sports suspension has always been challenging for many manufacturers. So, instead of in-house development, they turned to renowned manufacturers of these components. Eibach is among elite companies in this segment of the automotive industry, so its participation in pretty much all prestigious racing competitions around the globe is not wondering at all. Dakar, Le Mans, F1, WRC are just some of them. Thanks to companies like this one, such racing-oriented suspension products are available to ordinary people as well.

When you think of sports suspension, things like F1, Le Man and similar competitions always come first to your mind. Still, engineers from this manufacturer have the same enthusiasm when it comes to the off-road drive. So, there is a great palette of products designed for these driving conditions. Trucks, SUVs, Utility machines, Eibach has the solution for all of them. Of course, the focus is on performances. Besides those “universal” components, this company has also developed a suspension designed for Jeep’s legendary models – Grand Cherokee and Wrangler.

Eibach Jeep Grand Cherokee Performance Suspension

Imagine Jeep’s flagship model even more capable. That would be amazing for sure. So, there is a special “Cherokee kit”, which includes all necessary components to bring your Grand Cherokee to the completely new level. All-Terrain-Lift Springs by Eibach will give superior stability and make your SUV significantly more capable. Additionally, there are Eibach Pro-Truck Shocks, with a classic monotube design, with Nitro-Coated Rods and Powdercoated Shock Bodies. Of course, this kit also features brand’s famous Million-Mile warranty.

Eibach Suspension 2018

Eibach Jeep Wrangler Performance suspension

The same thing is with the iconic Wrangler. With this kit, designed especially for the legendary WW2-inspired SUV, you can count on far better performances, comfort and stability. It consists of similar components as Grand Cherokee but adds things like bumpstops, spacers and numerous other components that are highly adjustable. You can spot the difference from the stock model after only one quick look. Once again, count on Eibach’s Million-Mile warranty/two-year shock warranty.

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